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The new venture for the music room website is to start selling music books, as we go forward we will sell other musical items. Start date to be shown here. We will be using 'worldpay' for this and like in the shop will be able to accept cards (credit or debit):





Our refund policy for ordered music books/cds/dvds: Due to music copyright we will not refund unless the item becomes deleted, we will then offer a refund, or alternative purchase.




Best selling book:THE GREATEST SHOWMAN PVG and easy piano justinguitar.com beginners course, rock & vintage songbook, new books coming out soon. Books ordered every Tuesday for delivery Friday.

Music albums ordered on a daily basis: New albums


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We  have recently reintroduced flutes clarinets and saxophones instore. The brand is: ' J.Michael ' and are ideal educational instruments. J.Michael offers a comprehensive range: trumpets, trombones, saxophones, flutes and clarinets that will take a student through the graded examinations and beyond. They are already popular with players and teachers in the UK. These instruments are of fine quality at great value prices. We can get instruments within 3 days depending on availability. We stock vandoran reeds.

New MAHALO CONCERT ukuleles in stock!!

Music books ordered every Tuesday for Friday delivery. cds/dvds (music/films) ordered every day .. we deal a lot in back catalogue & nostalgia... the new album charts are on the door updated every Saturday morning



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Friday 14th January 2022   supplier of HAGSTROM guitars Adam Black guitars (route 61) click on rosetti instruments catalogue button (found on menu) for more guitars more instruments, accessories and information.

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